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a new direction

November 9, 2010

a handful of months ago i started this blog for two reasons: first, i wanted a space to document and work through all the personal work i am doing around identity/narrative/selfhood. second, i wanted a space to process and theorize all the academic, intellectual, questions i have regarding these same ideas. i contemplated for a good long while about starting 1 blog or 2. since the areas of focus were the same i decided on one blog that would address both my personal and academic work.

in feminist theory personal narrative and standpoint epistemology is serious stuff. and i love it. however, after a few months of attempting to merge my personal and academic work on this blog, i realized i wasn’t quite ready to do so. like many other “academics,”  lot of the questions i am interested in stem from my own experiences and personhood. and i think in the long run, its like that i will include my personal experiences in my work. but in this moment, the personal is too personal and the academic is still too broad. merging the two together made it hard for me to really do either.

and so… this blog is heading in a new direction! i am going to use this online space as a place to archive academic endeavors, processes, and progress. i am sure a good deal of my personal experiences will still make it their way into posts, (i am me after all) but the focus is going to be theorizing, analyzing, questioning, and constructing. when i read new articles and want to think more about them, im going to think “outloud” here. when something occurs in my daily life that makes me reconsider or reframe my understanding of things, i’ll explore it here. hopefully, all this writing will help me pull together my broad interests into a single do-able project. i know what im interested in, but im looking in so many directions at once i have no idea which path i want to walk down. inspired by one of my professor’s blog work, i’m going to really commit myself to using this an intellectual tool.

just as a personal blog, or journal documents someone’s “journey on the road of life.” sigh. this blog is going to archive my academic journey. with just 1 year of graduate school (barely) under my belt, i’ve got a lot of thinking ahead of me. which excites me more than words can explain…